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Post Event Highlights and Announcing Nicole Puller as New EPIP Bay Area Co-Chair!

A few weeks ago, at our EPIP National Conference Reflection and Social event on May 22 at Cantina, a few members shared their main takeaways from their experience and participation at the EPIP National Conference. One member spoke about the Learning Tour she attended at the Port of Los Angeles, where they discussed the pollution created by the thousands of trucks transporting goods from the Port every day, the labor injustices experienced by the truck drivers, and the grassroots policy efforts happening in the community surrounding the Port to better their neighborhoods. Other members shared thoughts about the "real, honest, and approachable" attitudes of the presenters/panelists, the easy and exciting ways to meet and connect with new peers and continue those connections after the conference, and judgments about celebrity philanthropists were changed for the better.

We were fortunate to have many Bay Area members at the conference and will be posting more stories and highlights from the conference on this blog, so be sure to check back over the following weeks. (Or, sign-up to receive our blog posts via email by entering your email in the appropriate box located on the right-hand column.)

The event at Cantina was also a farewell and celebration for Lauren Tulp who was our Bay Area Co-Chair for the past year. She has provided great leadership and commitment to this chapter and we will miss her very much. We wish her all the best on her next adventure!

Lastly, we are happy to announce that Nicole Puller of Tides is our new EPIP Bay Area Co-Chair and will join fellow Co-Chair, Thuy Kumar and the Steering Committee to continue building a stronger philanthropic community. Please help us welcome Nicole to the executive team!

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